Chemo induced hair loss is getting real…


Its Friday!!! After working at home / being confined to the house for seven days it seems weird to be celebrating a Friday. But today is the day that we start Christmas festivities, leading into the tree buying / elf revealing weekend. Don’t tell anyone (I am renowned for being Bah Humbug) but I am a little bit excited. Well, I would be if I hadn’t noticed that every time I run my fingers through my hair, handfuls are coming out.

After nailing a day at work, as a family we went to a local evening attraction at a museum that had opened its doors to allow winter wonderland activity. It was bloody freezing and my head actually hurt with it, but we spent a delightful few hours making finger puppets and carousels, eating hotdogs and standing in front of roaring fires when we could! It was a lovely evening, but when we returned home and the cub was in bed, I had a couple of drinks and the breaking started. I just don’t know if I can do the whole ‘shave the head and take control’ that everyone states in their posts about this part of the journey.

Everything anybody says seems to push me further over the edge:

‘It’ll grow back’ – I know it will but in years; not days, weeks or months.

‘You’ve got good bone structure’ – what does that actually mean?

‘It won’t look that bad’ – how the hell do you know?

‘You’ll feel better taking control’ – easy to say now, and I might, but I don’t want to (petulant five year old attitude right here).

‘You’ll feel better when it’s done’ – I know, but I still don’t want too (still acting like a five year old here).

Aaaagh, all I know is at midnight after a few swift drinks I am not going to solve this one!!


A busy day shopping, mundane activities and family organisation ready for the tree. Tree was bought (second year we’ve done a real one and it was chosen by my cubs and beautifully weird!!), rearranging of furniture to accommodate, decorations dug out from the depths of cupboards and everything ready for tomorrow. I had little time to think about the hair, but did have a wee rant on the phone to my bestie and it felt good to get my ranting off my chest.


By, its been a long day. The tree has gone up properly, an emergency run for fairy lights has been done (they are garish as but the cub chose them and I’m not going to argue!) and a million baubles have been hung. And all the while my hair is full on falling out in clumps. I mean the bit grey I had is also coming out, but it is literally just falling out as I touch it. After the man cub headed to bed I had a little cry about what I was going to do. I’d ranted earlier to my mother about what I was supposed to do and her suggestion was a counsellor! Not helpful at this immediate moment to be honest!!

I decided to put a post on the secret FB page to see how anyone else felt, and I got some lovely responses. A few girls on exactly the same timeline as me and while it was nice to hear, I still couldn’t quite get my head around the fact that I had to decide how to deal with this. I know I have two options. One – continue cold capping on Wednesday (and pray even though I am not a jot religious!) and see if I can hold onto the hair (while also dealing with the five day migraine and crazy time in a cold skull cap. Two – I shave it off; and that’s the end of that story (well, it’s the end of one story but the beginning of another).


(Elf arrived! Oh yay!!)

Broke, broke, broke. I’m back at work today and I’m trying to avoid the hair situation as much as possible. As its Monday before chemo, I need to get bloods taken and appointment at 10.40. A cheeky return to bed (to avoid waking hours as much as possible) didn’t work out for me and I ended up blitzing the house and then I ended up running down the lane like an idiot, reaching the doctors at 10.39!! Blood taken within minutes and I ran on for the bus to get to work. Still managing to supress the crazy situation of the hair loss. The solid meetings that I have to lead while looking like I am in control were hard – I was not ok.

As mentioned in previous posts, my hair is absolutely not my best feature and never has been. But I can’t explain how devastating and ruining this feeling is.

We had a quiet night, tomorrow is last day before chemo and I know a decision is impending. Going to bed, after chatting for a bit, I realised that the bed was actually covered in hair. I mean covered. And for the first time, I absolutely broke. I mean, broke. I think Ryan was shocked as it was the worst I have ever been with any of this journey. I didn’t cry this badly when I was diagnosed, I didn’t cry when I had the operations (apart from the little crazy wake ups from anaesthetic!!), I didn’t even cry when we got the all clear margins prognosis.

But this hair loss, this situation has actually took me to the brink. And I don’t know what to do. I don’t know whether to shave. I don’t want people knowing I am ‘ill’ (when technically I am not). My previous self pity in these posts about hair loss seem pointless now as I am actually living the actual real journey now. I’m heading off to sleep with puffy eyes.

And not sure that I do have this any more. I need to for my two cubs though. I  need to be strong for them. They are my world and I need to make it through this for them.

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