My timeline.

A few people respond to my blog posts in current day form, thinking that I am writing as I go. And while I try to date most of my posts, this doesn’t come through clearly when people are reading it for the first time.

So I feel like I need to explain why I write blogs out of time, but in the present tense.

When this journey started I felt I needed to get my thoughts down somewhere. I’m not the best talker, being an introvert. And I usually need a few drinks to open up even to the man cub. Which isn’t a helpful approach every time I need to talk! So I started my little black book (I realise the symbolism is hilarious now!). And I started writing everything down. The good, the bad and the ugly thoughts that came into my head and how I really felt.

But what I couldn’t do was release those thoughts immediately. I wasn’t strong enough to write it down and release it from my soul at the same time. So I wrote everything down, and then a few weeks later I felt strong enough to re-process those thoughts (with a few less swear words in some instances!) and type them down in a coherent way.

I write as I talk. I am ruthless, unforgiving, truthful, sweary at times, and a lot sarcastic! And feedback I get from those who know me has made me realise that my voice and message still comes through my typed word. So if you don’t know me, just imagine a deep Geordie accent with some stubbornness reading out these words!!

I work about two to three weeks behind my actual cancer journey as that feels comfortable to me to be able to process what I was going through, make it more real (rather than the actual word dump I might sometimes end up doing), and take out some of the very personal emotion. I am still an introvert and I can’t quite give all of my soul yet although, believe me, there’s more that will come as this journey unfolds.

As an introvert I also spend a long time second guessing my content. I want people to feel part of the journey. I want people to understand, if they are ever personally affected in any way by cancer, how it may be affecting loved ones. In the longer term I want to do more with the blog when I am finished my own journey in terms of fundraising and research (my brain still cannot compute that in 2018 we are no closer to a full blown cure for cancer and all of its forms).

There is also a lot that has thrown me now you have the label of cancer, you can’t give blood, I may not qualify to be a transplant donor (something that I have always been so passionate about – I strongly believe it should be an opt out, not an opt in), your holiday insurance is now astronomical, I’m going to guess that life insurance will also be so (don’t tell my mam I haven’t got any yet!).

The next steps of the journey through chemo are not going to be pretty. There is a lot more tears (which I totally didn’t anticipate) and more angst than I felt through the cancer bit. For some reason the actual living with the longer term cancer treatment activity is breaking me more than the actual dealings with surgery to remove cancer. It’s a real gift that just keeps giving; this cancer journey.

I take you on this journey, so I can share. So I can help others. So I can make sure no-one feels alone. Because I have found that I am now. Unfortunately the reality is that unless someone is going through exactly the same thing at the same time, you don’t know how to deal with all direct hits. That’s why someone might find it helpful at some point in three months, six months, a year or more. They might associate with something written and may feel hope. Hope that as women who face this challenge can keep strong and take this journey on.

We’ve got this. I’ve got this.

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